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Jan 20, 2023

We start this year of PrivacyPod with a recap of recaps of year 2022. Milla and Hannes Saarinen (from our Finnish podcast) go head-to-head on a quirky quiz drawn up by Panu. I have a bad feeling about this.

Milla and Hannes will be scratching their heads on terms like "privacy zuckering" as well as trying to once again remember what was Privacy Shield 2.0 all about. And of course, Panu makes few mistakes, which dont effect the end result.

What was case C-245/20 about? Can you remember cases by their number? If you can, you would shine in the lightning round of Privacy/Not Privacy!

We have also asked our guests and presenters to give predictions on the privacy year 2023 and dare I say, they are very intruiging. And no, not all of them are about data transfers to the US. 

Who will take on the crown of privacy champion of 2022? Well, for that, you need to listen to the episode, they are both pretty competetive.

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