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Feb 3, 2024

Take a tight grip on your cups listeners, because today we are spilling the hottest tea of the legal world, a behind the scenes story of the AI Act. We delve into this with a person who had the front seat at the closed-door tea party: Dan Nechita, the Head of Cabinet to Romanian MEP Dragos Tudorache (Renew Europe) at the European Parliament. Dragos Tudorache has served as a rapporteur on the file.

Renew Europe is liberal, pro-European political group of the European Parliament founded for the ninth European Parliament term. The group is the successor to the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) group which existed during the sixth, seventh and eighth terms from 2004 to 2019. Renew Europe has been pushing for AI systems that respect fundamental rights and the EU's democratic values, provide legal certainty concerning innovation and investment, and facilitate the development of a single market for lawful and safe AI.

Dan takes us to the room where it all happened and talks about what transpired during the all-nighter negotiations in December.  He also sheds light on the background of the AI Act and whether or not we can breath already or will there be more changes. We try to guess why did the AI Act leak as well as what happened to the General Purpose AI, and if the Fundamental Rights Risk Assessments is just a DPIA that slays.

We also discuss whether the legislators understand how expensive this will be for the organizations: is it a case of because you’re worth it…or because they can afford it?

...And Milla and Pilvi totally forgot that this was our 50. podcast. Oh well, we will celebrate at 100 then.


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