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Feb 20, 2024

We started this episode with so much enthusiasm, positivity, and excitement but we ended up thinking that this is the episode we wish to exercise our right to be forgotten on. We start with the Google case on, you guessed it, right to be forgotten, where the Swedish court ordered Google to pay SEK 50 million in fines and declared that Google cannot provide publishers a list of de-listed websites to the webmasters thus confirming the EDPB’s (and WP29’s) guidance on the matter.

We question the EDPB guideline and the Court’s ruling and somehow we end up in a very confusing situation where Pilvi rambles on, Jyri refuses to understand, and Milla is desperately looking for an exi(s)t sign. We caution you to listen at your own risk.

We also cover the latest DMA drama regarding Apple app store including Spotify’s hot take on it. Furthermore, we return to Google and wonder how the consent mode v2 can be legal?

Join in for the episode and please have mercy on us. 



The Irish Independent article:

Sweden’s Aftonbladet article:


On Google’s consent mode v2:


Spotify’s take on Apple store changes and the issues with the DMA:

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