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Apr 12, 2024

It’s been a heavy spring. So many new things are coming to privacy folk’s way, the world is (literally) shaking, we are killing our one planet, old men are driving the world to turmoil and horror. The world is getting darker. 

Therefore, without forgetting the importance of discussing all the difficult things, we decided to treat you with an invitation to Milla’s happy place: to discuss something that is full of bright colors and makes everyone focus, just for a brief moment, on the importance of coming together and enjoying the beautiful wonders that people do. We are of course talking about the Eurovision!

Will ABBA serve a beautiful Swedish Suprise in May in Malmö? Which year did TIX compete for Norway (Milla gets this wrong)? What country did Flo Rida compete for? And whats the most efficient way to collect consent? One of these questions is not answered in this episode.

Even though the task was to talk a little bit about Eurovision and a lot about privacy, Pilvi kinda ends up interviewing Milla about her love for the Eurovision and all the wonderful twists and turns this performance art competition includes. We also asked the presenters to take few breaks for editing purposes, but guess that was too much to ask. And anyway we maybe did or didn’t have time to cover privacy-related news - one has to prioritize.

So put on your headphones, grab a glass of your favorite beverage, and slide into the bliss of Eurovision for a moment – it’s on us!

And Herkko, you can skip this episode!


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