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Apr 20, 2024

Laura and Panu are joined by Otto Lindholm to discuss recent CJEU case related to Finnish transparency laws and disclosing criminal conviction data via telephone. What is the Finnish tradition of transparency of official documents really about, are we now losing it and what’s going to happen?

If you ask Panu, doomsday is upon us. Transparency is dead and criminals, politicians and reality tv contestants will run amok with no accountability. Or then its just a storm in a tea cup. Panu does make a lot of mistakes, such as reads the European Charter of Fundamental Rights wrongly.

In other news, but no less important, the Court actually states that oral transfer of data from a filing system is processing of personal data. Did you see that one coming? The cool privacy kids did, Panu did not.  The discussion twists and turns and reaches some kafkaesque levels but who cares - privacy theory is fun.


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