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Jun 10, 2024

Cambridge Analytica, Brexit, Trump, Russian Trolls. Political microtargeting has shaped the world and our society more and longer than we would like to admit. The European Union decided to fight back on it with Regulation on the transparency and targeting of political advertising, yet the road to the regulation was everything but smooth. Time will tell how or if the regulation will be able to actually make a difference.

On this episode, Milla and Pilvi are going back to this important subject with our very special guest, privacy influencer and an Estonian lawyer Norman Aasma, who wrote his master thesis on the subject. Together we will discuss the road to the regulation, what was the issue with banning the use of sensitive personal data, what does the regulation actually regulate, and what change we can expect it to make. 

The episode was recorded on the 27th of May 2024, just before the EU Elections, and thus, we also discuss the current EU Elections and take a brief look at the political advertising taking place (or the lack of it…). We compare it to the research data and results that we have gained from conducting research on the Finnish elections (see our Finnish podcast TietosuojaPod episodes #66 and #52). 

So hit play and join us to enjoy a moment in privacy!


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