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Jun 7, 2023

In this episode, Milla, Pilvi, and Panu take a look at the Meta case on the US transfers that ended up costing Meta 1.2 billion euros. We explore the depths of the case, such as how Meta justified their transfers, what supplementary measures were used that were not deemed sufficient, and debate a bit on the politics intertwined with the case.

But hold on! We have more! We also take a look at the finger-licking KFC case, where the AEPD ordered a fine of 5000 euros for violating Article 13 by using undefined expressions such as "we can use…" in the privacy policy. The AEPD also ordered a fine of 20 000 euros for not appointing a Data Protection Officer.

We also discuss Panu’s career plans as he is open for hire (wink wink!)!


Binding Decision 1/2023 on the dispute submitted by the Irish SA on data transfers by Meta Platforms Ireland Limited for its Facebook service (Art. 65 GDPR):

Meta’s Response to the Decision on Facebook’s EU-US Data Transfers by Nick Clegg, President, Global Affairs & Jennifer Newstead, Chief Legal Officer :

KFC case, AEPD (Spain) - PS/00140/2022: (spanish)


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