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Jun 20, 2023

In this episode of PrivacyPod, Joost and Panu talk to professor Herke Kranenborg who holds a chair in European Data Protection and Privacy Law at Maastricht University. In addition, professor Kranenborg is a member of the European Commission's Legal Service, which serves as an in-house legal counsel to the commission as well as represents the Commission in the Court of European Union in Luxembourg.

Professor Kranenborg has a interesting position in the commission as he has taken part in many of the privacy related cases in the European Court of Justice as a commission representative. 

You can hear Joost being a bit starstruck with his hero in this episode, but in the end he handles it well.

Professor Kranenborg gives us an unique look into what it is like to prepare and argue in the one of the most important privacy cases in this decade from the commission perspective. We also discuss other landmark cases, so get your pencils ready! Or actually, you dont, since all the cases are listed here below.

And what is the most important case this year according to professor Kranenborg? Listen in, and you will find out.

Delivered judgments
Judgment of 6 November 2003, Lindqvist, C-101/01, EU:C:2003:596
Judgment of 8 November 2007, Bavarian Lager v Commission, T-194/04, EU:T:2007:334
Judgment of 29 June 2010, Commission v Bavarian Lager, C-28/08 P, EU:C:2010:378
Judgment of 9 March 2010, Commission v Germany, C-518/07, EU:C:2010:125
Judgment of 16 October 2012, Commission v Austria, C-614/10, EU:C:2012:631
Judgment of 8 April 2014, Commission v Hungary, C-288/12, EU:C:2014:237
Judgment of 16 July 2020, Facebook Ireland and Schrems (Schrems II), C-311/18, EU:C:2020:559
Judgment of 6 October 2020, Privacy International, C-623/17, EU:C:2020:790
Judgment of 6 October 2020, La Quadrature du Net and Others, C-511/18, C-512/18 and C-520/18, EU:C:2020:791
Judgment of 15 June 2021, Facebook Ireland and Others, C-645/19, EU:C:2021:483 - Advocate General Bobek's opinion:
Judgment of 24 March 2022, Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, C-245/20, EU:C:2022:216 - Advocate General Bobek's opinion:
Judgment of 5 April 2022, Commissioner of An Garda Síochána and Others, C-140/20, EU:C:2022:258
Judgment of 20 September 2022, VD and SR, C-339/20 and C-397/20, EU:C:2022:703
Judgment of 4 May 2023, Österreichische Datenschutzbehörde and CRIF, C-487/21, EU:C:2023:369
Pending cases
CJEU DPC v EDPB I (Facebook) (T-70/23)
CJEU DPC v EDPB II (Instagram) (T-84/23)
CJEU DPC v EDPB III (Whatsapp) (T-111/23)
CJEU Meta v EDPB I (T-682/22) 
CJEU Meta v EDPB II (Instagram) (T-128/23)
CJEU Meta v EDPB III (Facebook) (T-129/23)
CJEU WhatsApp Ireland v EDPB (C-97/23 P)
CJEU Meta v Bundeskartellamt (C-252/21)
CJEU Endemol Shine Finland (C-740/22)
CJEU Österreichische Datenschutzbehörde (C-33/22)
CJEU LQDN and Others (Personal data and the fight against counterfeiting (C-470/21) - Advocate General Szpunar's opinion:
Full list of pending cases available at

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