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Sep 14, 2021

This week we discuss at length Facebook launching “Ray-Ban Stories” – cool-looking sunglasses, but just slightly on the creepy side when it comes to privacy. It was also reported last week that Facebook is able to read your Whatsapp messages, but at closer scrutiny the story isn’t as straight-forward as that. And lastly, in the light of the messages coming from the UK on updating their privacy rules, we would like to ask: privacy colleagues in the UK, are you OK?


Facebook launching “Ray-Ban Stories”


Facebook reads your Whatsapp messages – or does it?


Class action against TikTok in the Netherlands 


UK’s New Direction for Data Protection


ICO calls on G7 countries to reform cookie rules


CNIL sanction for retention times


Germany’s sovereign cloud


Critique – once again – on the Irish DPA



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