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Mar 17, 2022

This week we discuss the upcoming privacy cases in the highest court of the EU, and have an amazing guest with us for this purpose, Joost Gerritsen!

Beware listeners, this episode is probably our nerdiest (and longest, since Milla doesnt understand editors hints) one so far, so even more awesome than our usual content – that’s also why we made it extra-long.

Joost is an AI, robotics, and data protection lawyer. He is based in the Netherlands where he runs his own law firm Legal Beetle, and has a long history working with data protection issues.

What are the recurring themes in CJEU’s privacy cases, which countries are the usual suspects when it comes to referring questions to the Court, and how long does it take for the Court to decide on matters? And what do we talk about when we talk about professional FOMO ie. Pro-FOMO?

We also do a speed-recap of the latest news in privacy sphere.

Italian DPA fines Clearview AI 20 MEUR

Danish DPA: Guidance on the use of cloud

Database of pending CJEU cases by Joost


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