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Jun 3, 2021

This week we are back to our regular programming with an episode packed with privacy news. Panu and Milla are reflecting upon how GDPR’s birthday celebrations went last week – our baby is three years old already! Where did the time go!

Other than that, we discuss the newest wave of cookie complaints from NOYB and will wait eagerly for our third co-host Heikki’s feedback on our coverage of this topic (the feedback will probably be negative). And what about those ECHR judgments on mass surveillance in Europe – puts our Schrems II discussions in a slightly awkward light, no? Listen more in the episode!


New wave of cookie complaints from NOYB


Digital Rights alliance complaint against Clearview AI


EDPS investigations following Schrems II


European Court of Human Rights verdicts on state surveillance{%22itemid%22:[%22002-13278%22]}

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