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Jun 9, 2021

Welcome to another episode of PrivacyPod, this week with our resident cookie monster Heikki Tolvanen and Milla Keller. Heikki is excited about ice hockey (Milla is not), Milla is excited about the new SCCs (Heikki is not).

We discuss German data protection authorities joint efforts in auditing Schrems II compliance, a class action against TikTok in the Netherlands, and Garante’s blocking of the covid app in Italy. Listen in also for our view on the latest decision from the Finnish supervisory authority, which makes us just ask… Why?

In the episode you can also hear the poorest pep talk in human history, and the above mentioned excitement from Heikki… Well, let’s just say Finnish guys express emotion in very subtle ways.

German DPAs investigate data transfers:

Final version of the new Standard Contractual Clauses is ready:

TikTok gets sued in the Netherlands:

Garante blocks the Italian covid vaccine app:

Decision from Finnish DPA regarding a small data breach:

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