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Jun 23, 2021

Hot off the press! In this week’s episode we go through our very first reactions to EDPB’s final recommendations on supplementary measures, the most awaited document of this year. Is it risk based approach now, or not so much? We also chat about UK’s adequacy decision and reflect upon how the new standard contractual clauses should be viewed in the current landscape of international data transfers.

This episode features a very special guest! Panu and Milla are joined by Trevor Hughes, President and CEO of the IAPP. We talk about Trevor’s career in privacy, IAPP’s role in fostering the privacy profession and IAPP’s return to live events this year.

Also included in the episode is a wonderful motivational speech from Trevor on what keeps him going as a privacy professional. And of course, we could not let Trevor go without going through our GDPR Quiz. Listen in for his impressive results!

EDPB’s final recommendations on supplementary measures


New SCCs


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