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Aug 18, 2021

The trio is back together after a summer break! Can’t say fresher than ever, but at least we are back. As per usual, big tech is providing lots to discuss in the field of privacy: we cover Apple’s controversial plans to prevent CSAM, Luxembourg DPA’s record GDPR fine against Amazon and Google’s new child friendly measures in image search. We have a new jingle for NOYB-related news, because it seems there is something new coming from their direction on a weekly basis now. Panu tries to launch the concept of correction corner, the others are not huge fans of this idea.


Finnish draft cookie guidelines


746 million euro fine against Amazon


Apple’s new measures to prevent CSAM


Google providing minors the possibility to have images removed from Google Image results


NOYB’s cookie complaints from June proceeding


NOYB’s quest to prevent cookie paywalls


Hamburg DPA says NO to Zoom


Weird and wonderful collection of decisions from GDPR Enforcement Tracker



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