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Nov 25, 2022

There's no such thing as too much talk about Schrems II, right? Tune in for our talk with the absolute expert on this topic, Eduardo Ustaran. We discuss the current state of international data transfers and when we can expect the new transfer deal to be finalized.
Eduardo tells us his learnings from assessing third country privacy laws: every country has some sort of surveillance regime in place, but when are the safeguards imposed on it sufficient in the EU's eyes? And of course, lots of talk about assessing risk in data transfers. We are not done with the risk based approach yet.
Eduardo also brings us greetings from IAPP's Brussels Congress, where he had the chance to discuss the Schrems II decision with Schrems himself. Should we already be expecting a Schrems III decision?
Recording of Schrems & Ustaran conversation moderated by Caitlin Fennessy at IAPP Brussels: 

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