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Feb 2, 2023

This week, we talk with Romain Robert, a Program Director and a senior lawyer working at NOYB. For the few who might not know, NOYB is a Austrian NGO founded by Max Schrems, who is probably a familiar name to everyone in the privacy world (heard of Scherms I or Schrems II anyone?).

Romain has extensive and interesting background and can claim a rare feat of actually taking part in writing the GDPR.

We talk about three groundbraking cases delivered by the Irish DPA by just the beginning of the privacy year 2023 concerning Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp, all Meta owned platforms (yeah, those ones, everybody is talking about them, right?).

The complaints against these three companies were made on 25th of May 2018, on the day GDPR entered into force, and concerned their legal basis for processing the personal data of their users. The legal basis used for multiple different purposes, such as behavioural advertising and service improvement, was claimed to be contract, and this ultimately did not go through with the DPC. However, the case is more complicated than it sounds and included many twists and turns between the parties as well as between the DPC and other Member State DPAs- and ultimately the EDPB).

We also talk to Roman about working with NOYB, their future agenda, consent or pay -solutions and GDPR enforcement. Please tune in and learn more about the inside world of the most talked-about privacy NGO in Europe (or the world)!


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