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Aug 10, 2023

In this episode, Milla and Pilvi take a look at the brand new Data Privacy Framework. The discussions include but you bet are not limited to topics such as the sadly-not-so-funky-name of the framework (why not Privacy Trampoline?) and the identity crisis that surely all privacy professionals shall now have to face: who are we without the discussions and work on US transfers? What should one do with all the time saved? How long will this last and should we already start buying toilet paper and canned food and prepare for the downfall of the worl…DPF?

We also take a look at the recent Google Analytics cases, discuss if all the issues with Google Analytics disappeared with the DPF and we also sniff the hot and humid air of Doha not forgetting the legendary summer sheepe of Milla. 



Adequacy decision:


Press release:


Data Privacy Framework (DPF) website (check out e.g. faq section Frequently Asked Questions):


EDPB Information note on EU-US data transfers:


NOYB Press Release July 10:


IMY (Swedish DPA) press release on the 4 Google Analytics cases:


Norwegian DPA on Google Analytics:


Danish DPA on Google Analytics:


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