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Oct 15, 2023

Meta is considering a move to cookie-paywall some listeners may know (and already hate) from German newspaper websites. As the legal basis for Meta’s personalised ads (the company’s main money-maker) is being pushed towards consent from all fronts, Meta is considering desperate means. But is it all just a ruse, as convincing as Meta’s earlier threats about leaving the EU because of data transfer issues?

In other news, Pilvi and Milla discuss Irish Data Protection Commission’s 345 MEUR fine to TikTok. We also discuss once more the Grindr case from Norway, where the appeals board upheld the earlier fine. We also cover UK Information Commissioner’s preliminary enforcement notice against Snap, BBC blocking ChatGPT from using its content and lots more.



Meta (Facebook / Instagram) to move to a "Pay for your Rights" approach (

Meta Plans to Charge $14 a Month for Ad-Free Instagram or Facebook - WSJ

UK Information Commissioner issues preliminary enforcement notice against Snap | ICO

Record fine in the Grindr case confirmed | Datatilsynet

BBC blocks ChatGPT from using its content (

Google adds a switch for publishers to opt out of becoming AI training data - The Verge

Irish Data Protection Commission announces €345 million fine of TikTok | 15/09/2023 | Data Protection Commission


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