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May 15, 2024

“Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! To PrivacyPod Joost’s Case Corner Episode, we are your hosts Milla and Pilvi with Joost Kle… Gerritsen. Thank you so much for joining us and let us begin with our first and most important story, the events of last week’s Eurovision and the big denim egg that made it all the way to “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver (Go Finland!).” 

After we have gathered ourselves from the too short (Panu’s comment which has been noted) section on Eurovision, we move head first to the most interesting recent CJEU cases! And what is on the chopping block today?

  • CJEU NADA and Others [C-115/22], where doping results were published online. 

  • CJEU Juris [C-741/21], where a lawyer wanted to be compensated on receiving direct marketing which for some reason made some of our hosts just lose it (sorry).

  • CJEU IAB Europe [C-604/22], where our focus is on the joint controllership aspect of the case.

Thank you so much for listening and good night!


Belgian DPA’s Decision on IAB Europe: 

decision-quant-au-fond-n-21-2022-en.pdf (

CJEU NADA and Others [C-115/22]:

CJEU Juris [C-741/21]:


CJEU IAB Europe [C-604/22]:


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