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Mar 10, 2021

Drumrolls please, PrivacyPod’s first episode is out! This is a podcast about privacy, technology and cookies. Our regular content covers recent privacy related news, and in addition to this we feature interesting guests to hear about their career and their take on current privacy developments. PrivacyPod is hosted by Heikki Tolvanen, Panu Pökkylä and Milla Keller.

In this week’s episode we are excited to have Tobias Bräutigam join us for a discussion on how companies are dealing with the Schrems II decision in practice. Tobias currently heads the data protection practice at Bird & Bird Finland and on top of this holds a docentur at the University of Helsinki. You can find Tobias on Twitter with the handle @PrivacyFin.

In addition to our discussion on Schrems II we’re diving deep on the Deutsche Wohnen case – a puzzling court decision where the Berlin data protection authority’s fine of 14.5 million euros on the company was revoked due to procedural issues.

News on Deutsche Wohnen in German:

English news coverage on the case:,-By%20Christoph%20Ritzer&text=The%20Regional%20Court%20(Landgericht)%20of,case%20to%20the%20next%20instance.

Case summary on the original data protection authority’s decision:


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