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Sep 7, 2021

In this week’s episode we discuss a much awaited decision – Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s first fine against big tech. In an attempt to at least scrape the surface, we cover what the decision against Whatsapp was all about, and what is to be expected going forward. In other news we are tentatively positive about Cloudflare’s updates in their global data processing practices and big fans of Norwegian DPA’s clear guidelines on international data transfers. In the weird and wonderful section we discuss the Hush app available for iOS – but do we end up using it or not?


And hey, to all boomers out there: we’re now on LinkedIn! (But not yet on TikTok, that will still take some time.)


Whatsapp decision from Ireland


Age control on Instagram


Cloudflare updates to data processing


Norwegian DPA’s data transfer guidelines


TIA template from IAPP


Weird and wonderful



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