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Mar 30, 2021

Welcome to the second episode of PrivacyPod, a show about EU privacy, technology and cookies. Our regular content covers recent privacy related news, and in addition to this we feature interesting guests to hear about their career and their take on current privacy developments. PrivacyPod is hosted by Panu Pökkylä and Milla Keller.

This time we talk to privacy counsel Emina Gaspar-Vrana from Trustly Group. Emina shares her interesting work experience from many sides of privacy: from private practice to the Swedish DPA and lately at one of Europes growing fintech.

And of course Panu and Milla subject their guest to the merciless tutelage of the GDPR Quiz. How did Emina succeed in it?

We also cover some of the latest news in the word of privacy. Such as:

The Bavarian DPA orders a small German company to stop using Mailchimp over Schrems II concerns: 

The European Union and the United States are pushing for intensified pace in the EU-US data transfer negotiations:

European Parliament resolution on the Commission evaluation report on the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation two years after its application:

Google to bypass testing FLoC in Europe over GDPR concerns:

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