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Apr 11, 2023

In this episode of PrivacyPod with Anja Wyrobek, a Legal Policy Advisor and European Parliament, we will dive into lengthy development of ePrivacy Regulation, its impact on cookies (one may not forget cookies), encryption and impact of combat against child sexual abuse material thereto.

Eprivacy, the troublesome uncle of GDPR who just doesnt seem to get its act together, is on the talks, again. Eprivacy was expected to be adopted shortly after the GDPR, but the lingering conflicts has dragged the regulation in jeopardy, in an sort of  EU legal limbo, a void of Nothing. Five years later, no regulation is still the news.

Some say the future of the internet depends on it, others think the changes arent that big in the end. Many presidencies have tried to forcefully either bury it or unlock it, to no avail. Will the hard working regulators in Brussels get to finally push this Sisyphean rock on the top of the privacy hill? 

The key questions relate to the way communications are regulated, trying to bring OTT players, such as electronic communication services providers WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and Skype (yes, the proposal is THAT old) into the realm of regulation. The other goal is to stenghten regulation to protect consumers, but this has greatly fluctuated between revised proposals of the regulation.

Cookies are also a central question and thats also what is the issue here. As Anja reminds, its not the cookie banners that are striclty required by the current eprivacy directive, instead its the market players who have selected to solve the underlying issue with a terrible solution. It is not clear whether or not the new proposal clarifies the cookie situation, but people do have their hopes up.

Dial in to listen how Anja, Milla Keller and Hannes Saarinen dissect the legislative proposals impacting the future of our communications.

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