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Mar 29, 2022

We have a new data transfer deal between the EU and the US! In principle. What does the announcement of an agreement “in principle” mean, when can we expect an actual deal, and what does this mean for transfers of personal data to the US right now? Can we stop doing transfer impact assessments altogether?

In other news, we cover Meta’s 17MEUR fine from Ireland, and have a quick look at the recent EDPB guidelines. We’re delighted to discover that the term “Privacy Zuckering” exists, and equally disappointed to find out that the term did not make its way in the EDPB’s dark patterns guideline.


European Commission press release on the Framework  


US Fact Sheet on the Framework  


CMS blogpost on Privacy Shield

US Supreme Court Fazaga case


17MEUR fine on Meta from Irish DPA


New guidelines from the EDPB



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